Monday, July 27, 2009

A Gold @ DMA & Silver @ bigbang

Digital Activation for NetBeans - FunTechQuiz

In the midst of large software market and the competition of tools, we had to push the IT pros & Students in India to download and use this new and powerful tool : NetBeans IDE (an award winning platform used for building applications).
This needed a clean and innovative plan to make them download, hence coined out an 11 week online Quiz that should be played in the software (not on a website) and in the process we (me and my copy partner) also learnt that this shouldn't disturb their regular work pattern, so we targeted their free-time to convey our messages. Heres the 1st part of the creative deck (edms) that met the TG and did the magic.

The Teasers (1&2: pros , 3: Students):

The Main Campaign: (1-5: Pros & rest students)

The next challenge was to engage the every one from any organisation to participate, so heres the 2nd slot of the deck:

Also we had to send out few reminders and encouragers (Projecting winners)

DMA Link:

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